Shop, Office and Factory Roof Repairs in Limerick, Tipperary and Clare.

Every single commercial roof is exposed to the extremities of the Irish weather and thus over a period of time will eventually be affected by wear and tear, particularly if it is not serviced on a regular basis.

Because of this, many business roofs will experience roof damage over the period of their life-cycle, which might be anything from cracked sheets & tiles/slate, dislodged or loose slates through to split guttering or roof cracks and most common of all the gutter systems which carry huge amounts of water from some properties roofs. Most of this type of roof damage will cause a roof or gutter to leak, with rainwater penetrating the building and potentially damaging valuable assets such as machinery and also your stock.

Where our roofing company can help is first and foremost to react to the roofing problems as they arise but equally to offer services that prevent your commercial roof leaking in the first place with services such as periodic gutter cleans and inspections.

We have experience of working directly with business owners, in addition to working with landlords, housing associations, Blue Chip household name companies, developers and local authorities.